Fitness Model Julian [Las Vegas Fitness Photography]

Fitness model portfolio photography, Las VegasHere’s another photo of Julian which was shot to beef up his portfolio as recommended by his modeling agency. Julian is a fitness and lifestyle model. In this image I wanted to show off a bit of his musculature. Julian is an ex collegiate football defensive back.

One thing that differentiates our work is that these are the types of images that we create in the camera. We do not do a lot of Photoshop work, especially when creating portfolio images.

Follow this link to see one of the Fitness Model Head Shots that we created for Julian.

Myles – With Chains

Football Player Holding ChainsHere’s yet another image of Myles. This time holding some 5/8 inch chains. For this shoot with Myles, I essentially wanted to shoot him on a plain black background so that there was no distraction from him (and whatever heavy object he happened to be holding.  Whilst, it is great to shoot in a gym, I do enjoy the images made by separating the subject from all distractions.

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