Myles – Curls [Las Vegas Fitness Photography]

myles-football-workoutI created this image for the owner of the gym that Myles and I work out at. Ryan, the owner, had done amazing things for me to help me overcome several ailments that doctors had no answer for.

When I spoke to┬áMyles about shooting this image he was all for it. When I asked him if he could curl the 70 pound dumbbells he just chucked at me and went to town. I wish I had brought 100 pounders to the studio that day. ­čÖé

Myles is currently playing in the Canadian Football League. I expect to see him in the NFL quite soon.

Cover Photo [Las Vegas Fitness Photography]

Personal Trainer Fitness PhotographyHere is an image from a shoot with Brad. It was used on the cover of a local magazine that I publish. It was also used as the lead photo for an article on local organic berries in that same issue.

Brad is a local fitness enthusiast who has been bodybuilding for approximately one and a half years. He attended high school with my sons and is now a personal trainer and fitness model. Brad’s website is currently being built. You can catch his┬ápersonal┬átraining head shot┬áhere.