Las Vegas Fitness/Bodybuilding Photo Studio

OK, Tammy has been hard at work ordering items to finish the studio off. As you can see, the shooting area is ready to go. We’ve been shooting in our new Las Vegas fitness and bodybuilding photography studio for over a week now. Rather than settling for a warehouse area which was evaporative cooled, we went with one with air conditioning! Remember to book your shoot with us if you are competing in the upcoming¬†JON LINDSAY’S NPC ATLANTIS *NATIONAL QUALIFIER* on May 9th and/or the¬†Nevada State Championship on June 13th.

Las Vegas Fitness and Bodybuilding Photography Studio

Behind The Scenes 001

Behind The Scenes of a workout photo shootEveryone loves Behind-The-Scenes images from photo shoots. This shot is from a while ago, back when Brad was in his first year of working out.

As you can see, we take fitness photography seriously. We do not rely on the looks of the model to make the photo. Lighting for fitness photography (as well as glamour photography) is extremely technical… And we love it that way! Did you know that we give one-on-one lessons?